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Japan-ROK rift means military alliance with US not possible

Japan and the Republic of Korea, both US allies, watched closely how the other hosted US President Donald Trump when he visited the two countries last week. Compared with his one-night stay in Seoul, Trump's three-day visit to Tokyo gave Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe more time to tee off and talk with the US president.

EU could take a leaf out of China's book on diplomacy

This time last year, as the world was coming to terms with Donald Trump winning the US presidential election, Europeans and Chinese worried about the president-elect's provocative rhetoric and what he would do in office.

False notion led to wrong impression about China

It's a book that takes on conventional thinking-if not biases-held by many Americans about China, and very simply knocks it down.

It's vital to find the root cause of terrorism

Fighting terrorism requires domestic and foreign policies to be formulated on sound analysis, not rhetoric that is only politically correct.

Weigh pros and cons before randomly using AI technology

We may not see similar protests today, but history should serve as a warning against the indiscriminate development and application of AI technology.

Trump will find there is no quick fix to end war in Afghanistan

In a rare prime time national address outlining his Afghanistan strategy on Monday night, US President Donald Trump ruled out a quick withdrawal of US troops, saying that a rapid exit of the US troops would have unacceptable consequences and “create a vacuum” that the Islamic State and al-Qaida would fill.

TCM therapy offers much food for thought

An official's governance capability will greatly improve if he or she approaches the problems in the same way a TCM practitioner diagnoses a physical ailment.

Have the wheels come off the bike-sharing industry?

It is always painful to see something useful being turned into rubbish, and that may be the tragic fate shared bikes are embracing.

Sports and drugs made for each other?

Thanks to the sluggish global economy, rising terrorist attacks and the refugee crisis in Europe, the world has all but forgotten about the effects of climate change.