African market remains major attraction for Chinese firms

Chinese investors remain enthusiastic about investing in the African market despite frustrations and challenges coming from unexpected restrictions, misunderstandings and cultural conflicts.

Curbing financial risk helps tame property market

Tight policies will continue in the real estate sector until next year as the government guards against financial risk.

When it comes bringing up baby, mummy knows best

As early-years education centers are not yet part of the national education system, they are more business-oriented and not under the supervision of the country's education authorities.

Time to put people's WeChat use into perspective

Among the 938 million active monthly users of WeChat (and that's already more than two-thirds of the world's most populous nation), at least one-third spend a solid four hours or more on the app.

Does the Michelin guide really suit Chinese tastes?

In a nation that boasts thousands of years of culinary culture, people pay a lot of respect to the 117-year-old restaurant guide. But the feedback is not always encouraging, as I have started to hear some complaints.

Time to put the brakes on nation's fad for bike-sharing

As colorful shared bikes become a common sight in city streets, maybe it is time for industry players to stop rushing in and refine their services.

Student startups, entrepreneurial culture and all that

Should one stay self-employed or secure a decent job? That's the question confronting many Chinese youngsters these days.

A few tips on how to improve service delivery quality

As China is moving up the value chain and calling for an economic transformation which attaches more importance to the service industry, it should be noted that the feelings of users when being offered services makes the biggest difference.

Poodle care proves to be perilously expensive proposition

Dog food sales alone are expected to almost treble to over $760 million by 2019, Euromonitor data show, as increasing disposable incomes make keeping a pet an affordable luxury for more Chinese, especially in more developed cities.

Wine retailer has many reasons to be cheerful

The success of wine retailer Cheers in China can teach us important lessons on how to build a successful business.

Companies need more targeted approach toward elderly

When I lined up to board the Princess Cruise with my parents in October, I was surprised to find so many senior citizens around us. Most of the travelers, as far as I could see, were in their 60s or 70s.